The Berserker is a returning Perk from Killing Floor 1 that comes back in Killing Floor 2. The Berserker is a melee expert that has high tankability.

Starting Gear

The Berserker naturally comes with the Crovel Survival Tool is a Shovel and Crowbar in one melee weapon.

Crovel Survival Tools are the weakest Berserker weapon dealing 49 light attack damage and 86 heavy attack damage and if one is level 25 the passive bonus will boost damage with the light attack dealing 61.25 damage and heavy attacks dealing 107.5.

The Berserk also spawns with their respective knife (being a repurposed Lawn Mower Blade) and standard issue 9mm pistol as with all Perks.

The Berserkers grenade is the EMP Grenade that has a base damage of 25 which is very low, a radius of 7m and a fuse time of 0.25 seconds. The grenade is particularly useful in that it will stun Zeds and disable special attacks by them ie a Siren can't scream, a Fleshpound calms down and Husks can't suicide bomb.


The Berserker is the class to spearhead the assault, killing the high-priority Zeds while team-mates kill low-priority Zeds. This strategy protects ranged Perks by reducing the possibility of ranged Perks to be attacked but the downside is that it can make ranged Perks have a difficult time aiming correctly as the Zeds will frantically attack the Berserker even more so if the Berserker is moving.

The most common tactic for a Berserker in a team with a Field Medic is to fight a strong Zed or group of Zeds while the Medic heals the Berserker, or if the Medic has the necessary perks, buff them as well. The downsides to this strategy is that Field Medic can be strapped of syringes to heal team-mates, particularly dangerous if the Zeds are in more that one group so the Berserker can't take away their attention to them.

The EMP grenade is also an extremely important tool for fighting enemies such as Scrakes and Sirens as the EMP Grenade causes Zed special attacks and Zed sprinting to not occur which allows Berserkers to midigate dangerous Zeds by stopping their attacks which allows Berserkers to kill dangerous Zeds while team-mates kill less dangerous because the grenade helps in aiming for Zeds or vice-versa where the Berserker with a high DPS weapon kills of lower Zeds while team-mates focus-fire on more powerful Zeds.

The Berserker is also extremely geared for fighting Fleshpounds with their high durability but will more often occupy a Fleshpound parrying their attacks and damaging them with weapons such as the Pulveriser so team-mates can damage him from afar.


The skills in Berserker are geared towards dealing damage and tanking damage.

The first 2 skills are Dreadnaught and Skirmisher. Dreadnaught gaves you 75% more health. Skirmisher increases movement speed by 20% and sprint speed by another 25% but also has a passive health regeneration by 2 points every seconds.

The second tier's skills are Vampire and Butcher. Butcher heals 4 points of health when killing a Zed with a Berserker weapon while Butcher increases attack speed by 20% and attack damage by 25%

The third tier has the skills Resistance and Parry. Resistance grants 20% damage resistance globally and a stacking amount for poison and sonic attacks but Parry makes it so that Parrying with a Berserker melee weapon to reduce incoming attack by 40%, increases melee attack speed by 5% and melee damage by 35% but only for 10 seconds.

The fourth tier have the perks Smash and Massacre. Smash increases hard attacks to do 50% more damage and an additional 25% for headshots alongside 200% more stumble power. Massacre makes it so that light attacks do 30% more damage and are 5% faster

The final tiers (as with all Perks) deal with Zed Time skills the Berserker's being ZED TIME - Berserker Rage and ZED Time - Spartan which on Zed Time heal 25% health and Zeds in close range to flee from you and cause weapon and movement speed in Zed Time to be the same as in real-time.