A Bloat from Killing Floor 2

The Bloat

The Bloat (Otherwise known as Bloaters) is a large wobbly specimen that is rather slow making it a medium to high threat, unless you are running around in small hallways where he can sometimes surprise you.

He has the special ability to vomit on you and other humans which covers your screen with vomit and hinders your vision. The bile from the Bloat will slowly lower the player's health and armor for a few moments.

Despite it being bigger than the average specimen, a few blasts from a shotgun will most likely make it history, or a couple shots to the head sometimes it will stay alive though it will take away its vomit abillity.

Shooting it in the stomach can make it blow up though it covers you in its bile it is also not advised for bezerkers to attack it unless they have high damage weapons since the bloat will vomit on them quickly


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