The common Clot

Clots the clone of Kevin Clamely's unnamed son and one of the weakest and slowest Zeds, usually easy to kill, and they tend to come in hordes, which sometimes complicates things.

The Clot appears as a nude, hairless humanoid, lacking facial features, its claws are like hands and its arms, torso and legs are splattered with blood.

For the Halloween Sideshow event the Clot's appearance was changed to resemble a goblin-like creature with bones showing in the arm and leg area, with green skin and wearing a loin cloth.

For the Summer Sideshow, the Clot took a Circus-Themed form, much like a sideshow act, wearing a leotard.

The Clot is a simple Zed, its only desire being to kill and eat you.

Fortunately, they are usually too slow and stupid to do so, unless they come in large hordes through narrow passings, and you end up surrounded. They also love to cling to you so your movement speed will be decreased which can make it easier for stronger specimens (such as Fleshpounds, Gorefasts and Sirens) to keep up with you.

Just keep it simple for these specimens and don't waste pipebombs or rockets (unless you've got a large horde of them). A single headshot should do the trick.

Strategies to Defeat: Edit

  • Do not bother wasting ammo from very powerful weapons to destroy Clots; being very weak, a headshot defeats them effectively.
  • If trapped by a horde of Clots in a corner, either use a melee weapon, NOT A KNIFE because it is weak against all specimens, or use a damage spreading weapon, like a Flamethrower or the Bile Thrower (DLC weapon).
  • A Clot's biggest weakeness is a Beserker, for Beserkers cannot be grabbed by Clots. Having at least one Beserker in any group is essential for luring large hordes of Clots and defeating them without players having to waste ammo shooting Clots.
  • Be very cautious of a horde of Clots with a Siren behind them or, in rare cases, the middle of a horde of Clots. Clots can act like a shield, protecting the Siren from damage while she damages you with powerful screams. This is one of the ways that a group of players can die easily from.


Trivia Edit

  • In Killing Floor 2 the Clot had 3 archetypes of itself but ultimately they all became seperate enemies being the other 2 being the Slasher and Cyst.

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