The common Clot

The Clot (also called the Alpha Clot) is the most common and basic of the specimens in the Killing Floor franchise, appearing in all of the games.

The Clot appears as a nude, hairless humanoid, lacking facial features, and it's splattered with blood. They are simple zeds, only desiring to kill and eat you.

Fortunately, they are usually too slow and stupid to do so, but do have a dangerous grab attack that can hold players in place. The effect of being grabbed is made more obvious in Killing Floor 2 with claw marks on the side of the screen and (optionally) turning the camera to face the Clot who is grabbing them.

Clots can also be seen in the short film, Killing Floor: Uncovered.


The Clot was created in the second wave of Horzine's research with DNA of Kevin Clamely's (The Patriarch) deceased son's DNA.

They were originally created to respond to orders and recognize Horzine as their masters. They were given controlled doses of serotonin through neural implants when they correctly followed orders. However, they quickly descended into crazed behavior and self-mutilation.

As a result, they mostly ended up being cannon fodder.

Seasonal Variations

Killing Floor

  • Summer Sideshow: Circus leotard and limbs replaced with two-pronged blades
  • Halloween Horror: A green goblin with exposed bones at the ends of it's limbs.
  • Hillbilly Horror: Shirtless hillbilly with a hat, named Honey Biscuit
  • Twisted Christmas: Creepy Elf

Killing Floor 2

  • Summer Sideshow: A clown in a brightly colored outfit
  • Twisted Christmas: Creepy Elf

Killing Floor 2 Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Against:

  • SMGs (+50% Damage)
  • Handguns (+1% Damage)

Strong Against:

  • Bludgeon (-10% Damage)
  • Slashing (-15% Damage, does not apply to basic Knives)
  • Microwave (-75% Damage)


  • In Killing Floor 2 the Clot had three different archetypes but ultimately they all became separate enemies, the other two being the weaker Cyst and the stronger Slasher.
  • Clots are named after Blood Clots, professionally called a Thrombus are the final step in blood coagulation intended to stop wounds bleeding.
  • The Clot's namesake could be a reference to how Clots will come en masse and surround, or Clot around an enemy stopping them from moving.
  • Killing Floor 2's Zed mocap artist has described the Clot as a teenager or adolescent taking elements of his teenage life into it's movements.
  • In Killing Floor 2, the Summer Sideshow appearance was changed to a clown, and the Slasher received the old version from the first game.


Killing Floor

Killing Floor 2