The Commando is an Assault Rifle expert and the eyes of the Squad being able to see invisible Zeds and Healthbars as long as they are in a certain range.

Starting Gear

The Commando naturally spawns with the AR-15 Varmint Rifle, a rifle with Burst Fire and Semi-Automatic firing modes with a 500 RPM and 1000 RPM respectively. The rifle deals 30 damage (37.5 at level 25) per shot killing Stalkers, Clot Variants and Crawlers in 1 shots if aimed for the head . The weapon has a tactical reload speed of 3.07 seconds and dry reload of 2.67 seconds and the weapon has a stumble power of 5.

The Commando's grenade is the HE Grenade deals 300 damage, a 6.5 radius and a fuse time of 1 second.


The Commando is the eyes of the squad and ergo should be close to the action to maximize it's ability to see cloaked Zeds and healthbars, this also helps due to the Zed Time extension which can be universally helpful.

The commandos weapons are not equipped to deal with powerful Zeds but to kill off lower Zeds making it easier for Perks that deal with large Zeds such as Demolitionist to work.


The Commando's skills are as follows:

The first 2 skills are Tactical Reload and High Capacity Mags and cause a faster reload speed for perk weapons and 50% magazine capacity respectively.

The second tier's skills are Fallback and Impact Rounds. Fallback increases damage with the 9mm Pistol and Knife by 110% and weapon switching speed by 50% while Impact Rounds increases stumble power for perk weapons by 150%.

The third tier has the skills Tenacious and Prepared. The Tenacious skill causes an increase in Armor and Health by 25%. Prepared allows you to carry 20% more ammo for perk weapons.

The fourth tier has the skills Hollow Point Rounds and Eat Lead. The Hollow Point Rounds skill increases perk weapon damage by 25% and reduces recoild by 50% but Eat Lead increases mag capacity by 100%.

The final tier has the perks Zed Time - Tactician and Zed Time - Heavy Gunner. Zed Time - Tactician makes reload speed with perk weapons in real time and weapon switch 2x faster during Zed Time, while Zed Time - Machine Gunner which causes Zed Time to increases perk weapon damage by 3% and firing speed to be 3x faster.