The Community Weapon Pack 2 was the second weapon DLC for Killing Floor. It featured another four new weapons made by the community.

It was released during the Summer Sideshow event, alongside the Mrs. Foster Pack and Golden Weapon Pack 2.


Steam Description

"Following on from the success of the first Community Weapon Pack, we asked the IJC crew to think up something to match with the whole Steampunk theme for the summer event. And they rose wonderfully to the challenge. So we now have a delightful set of Steampunk-styled weapons for you - with more community modders able to earn some real dosh!"


CommunityWeapon2DLC 1 CommunityWeapon2DLC 2 CommunityWeapon2DLC 3 CommunityWeapon2DLC 4 CommunityWeapon2DLC 5 CommunityWeapon2DLC 6