The Cyst - A Zed from Killing Floor 2

The Cyst is a specimen seen in Killing Floor 2 it is the failed or incompleted version of the Clot and thus the weakest, clumsiest and least dangerous enemy in the game, with it's finished counterpart the Clot coming in a close second. This is due to it being the slowest enemy in the game as it is usually seen shambling towards the player, only ever running when they appear during a boss wave or at higher difficulties, as well as tripping over if the player dodges it's attack. While they share the same health stats as the Clot and Slasher specimens, they are rarely considered dangerous due to their low damage output. The only real danger a player will be put into by a Cyst is when they are grappled by one, which immobilizes the player until the Cyst is either killed or melee bashed away. Players should generally ignore them in favour of dealing with more dangerous enemy types.

Background Edit

The Cyst is a Clot variant, being undeveloped and thus very weak, leading to it's strange and almost child-like personality.

Trivia Edit

  • The Cyst was originally going to have translucent skin.
  • The Cyst was one of 3 archetypes for the Clot but the developers decided to create enemies from all 3 archetypes.
  • The Zed mocap artist described the Cyst as a child and took elements of his childhood into it's movements.

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