Dr. Hans Volter is a boss introduced in Killing Floor 2. He was the only boss in the game during early access, until the release of the Return of the Patriarch update.

Official Description

Dr Hans Volter is surprisingly spry for being over a century old. His career in mad science stretches all the way back to World War II, where he began his research into human cloning and augmentation. A victim of his own experiments, he now lives within a powered exoskeleton that keeps him alive and provides him with a variety of weapons, including assault rifles, grenades and claws.


Volter uses a variety of weapons to fire on the players. He will occasionally throw volleys of three gas grenades (announced by a voice line) and rush in for a melee attack with his claws. After taking a certain amount of damage (usually enough to change the colour of his health bar, he will activate a shield and charge at the nearest player in an attempt to grab them and drain their health, refilling his health bar. Note that this can be interrupted if the shield is broken.


Volter is covered in metal, and as such is vulnerable to the Microwave Gun. With any weapon (barring flame weapons,) targeting his head, chest core and backpack will deal more damage as these are his weak points. Also of note, Volter is resistant to damage on his claws and shoulder, side and leg armour. When he puts his shield up, everyone should back up (Berserkers especially.) If a team member gets grabbed, Field Medics should focus healing on the grabbed individual so that they are not weak and vulnerable once released. The rest of the team should deal as much damage as needed to lower the shield to interrupt the grapple. Explosives and fire help deal large amounts of damage to his health.


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