Easter eggs are jokes or reference to related software or real life. The first easter egg appeared on the Atari 2600 game "Adventure" where the creator hid "Created by Warren Robinett" in one of the areas, requiring players to move over a small grey dot to unlock an area where the message appeared.

List Of Easter Eggs Edit

-''Why inthehellareyoureadingthis'' is hidden in the code on the consoles on outpost.

-''Seriouslygetalife'' in the boxes on the opposite consoles in the control room.

-Solitaire is open in the background of some PCs, the same texture is used for most PC's on the Lab map too.

-The number on the payphone from the Burning Paris map is the number of the beast.

-There's a newspaper that says "Stop reading this shit article" in French.

-The Patriach also appears on Biotics lab map which it was a cameo.

-On the Burning Paris map there is a poster for a film called "BatCat" which underneath has "Nananananananana!" which is a reference to the Batman theme.

-There's a rare chance that Mr.Foster will say something about Batman.