Easter eggs is a joke & some reference to related software or real life. First easter eggs was appeared on atari adventure where it's write some of creators

List Of Easter Eggs Edit

-''Why inthehellareyoureadingthis'' hidden in the code on the consoles on outpost.

-''Seriouslygetalife'' in the boxes on the opposite consoles in the control room.

-Solitaire open in the background of some PCs, picture taken is from the spawn foyer on Outpost, the same texture is used for most PC's on the Lab map too.

-The number of payphone from burning paris map is number of the beast.

-There's a news paper that writes "Stop reading this shit article".

-Patriach also appear on biotics lab map which it was a cameo.

-There's a rare chance that Mr.Foster say something about batman.

-The knife "KF-Knife" was a short word from Killing floor knife.

-There is a very rarest bug that turn zeds and player into idle animation.

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