Events are special occasions celebrated in the Killing Floor games in various ways. The first was the Twisted Christmas in the first game, which started in December of 2010. More events soon followed. At first they were merely seasonal, but Killing Floor 2 introduced daily and weekly events as well.

Daily Objectives

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Daily Objectives were introduced in Killing Floor 2. They provide players with three random objectives each day, with a reward of 50,000 Vosh for each one completed. They are mainly focused on getting you to try out all the weapons and perks at your disposal, along with experiencing all of the available maps, and then rewarding you with progress towards a Vault Crate, which can contain new Gear or Weapon Skins.

The gameplay itself is not changed with Daily Objectives, they are merely a set of goals for you to try.

Weekly Outbreaks

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Weekly Outbreaks were also introduced in Killing Floor 2. The currently available Outbreak is accessible by selecting "Weekly" as your Game Mode. Weekly Outbreaks can drastically change how matches are played by having strange or challenging modifiers applied.

There are currently a pool of eight different Outbreaks, and the game will play one each week. Completing a Weekly Outbreak will earn you 500,000 Vosh along with whatever cosmetic Gear item is listed for that week (provided you don't already have it).

Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events are much bigger in scope. They last for weeks and often replace the Specimen with an event-themed version. They can also generally be expected to take place about the same time each year, and offer cosmetic rewards for participating.

When support for the first Killing Floor ended, all of it's Seasonal stuff was essentially turned on full time. The seasonal achievements in that game can now be earned at any time of the year, and you are able to switch the Specimen theme to whatever you want by editing a file.

Cyber Punk


Summer Sideshow


Halloween Horror / Hillbilly Horror


Twisted Christmas