Fleshpound (Neutral)

A standard Fleshpound, not enraged.

Fleshpound (Enraged)
Pissed FP

A standard Fleshpound, enraged.

The Fleshpound is the most powerful specimen outside of the Patriarch. It has spiked gauntlets that spin and shred whatever they come in contact with. It gets enraged when it takes a certain amount of damage. When enraged, the Fleshpound will give out a loud roar, spin up its gauntlets, and charge towards players.

The Fleshpound will not stop at any point while charging, and it is possible for it to hit multiple specimens while running. It moves slightly faster than a walking gorefast before it is enraged and it can run faster than any survivor while agitated. The metal plate on its chest emits light and shows whether or not the Fleshpound is enraged, as shown in the photos on the right. The Fleshpound can be dangerous while in a large group of other specimens, but can be brought down with ease when alone,

Strategies to Defeat:

  • Make sure to use very powerful and BIG WEAPONS! Using small weapons only enrages it, and that is not good if all the survivors all together in a little bundle and they are not as damaging.
  • If possible, use fast, spread, damaging weapons, like the Flamethrower or Bile Thrower (DLC Weapon).
  • If a Sharpshooter or Commando, always aim for the head, that is where the most critical damage can be inflicted upon the Fleshpound.
  • At any point you are out of ammo when confronting an enraged Fleshpound, just run! Eventually, the adrenaline in the specimen will diminish and go back to its normal speed.
  • High tier shotguns, especially the AA12 Shotgun, can subdue a fleshpound with relative ease. However, this can be quite risky, even on lower difficulties, as it may require 2 full magazines of the AA12 to kill a lone Fleshpound.
  • If a fleshpound is spotted, try to gain distance and when at a suitable range, use a M14 EBR if possible.
  • Using the hunting shotgun is also useful because it can do a lot of damage to the Fleshpound up-close using the alt-fire whilst crouched and looking up at the Fleshpound.
  • Within Killing Floor 2, using the Hunting Shotgun is also useful when using the alt-fire whilst jumping mainly due to the fact that it does a load of damage to the Fleshpound and it gets the player out of the area due to the blow-back of the weapon.

Background Edit

Horzine created Fleshpounds as the original super soldier commisioned by the British Government envisioned as a Titan on the battlefield and as such regularly inject with muscle growth stimulants, unintentionally causing high rage within the Fleshpound and thus were also given anti-deppresants to calm them down through a chest rig due to several incidents of attacks by Fleshpounds, the chest rig allowed Horzine to monitor a Fleshpounds adrenaline and counteract them by means of the aforementioned anti-deppresants but they also acted as a life preserver flooding a Fleshpound with adrenaline and stimulants when in pain.

Fleshpounds were considered a complete failure due to their high aggresion and put in the lowest levels of Horzine's labs and fitted with mace-like restraints on their fists unknowingly allowing Fleshpounds to be more deadly due to the restraints high durability and ability to rotate extremely fast.

Trivia Edit

  • Compared to Killing Floor 1's Fleshpound, the KIlling Floor 2's Fleshpound seems to have more Machinery, Slightly larger in size, and a Different power crystal.
  • A Fleshpound was responsible for the Zed outbreak as the Fleshpounds as a Fleshpound in the biotic labs broke out of his restraints due to it's volatile reaction to it's stimulant injection and killed every Horzine employee in the area and releasing every Zed there.
  • A Fleshpound's rage caused by it's muscle growth stimulants are a reference to Roid Rage, a side effect of Anabolic steroids causes people to become at risk of high aggresion or depression and this is further supported by the intro cinematic in KF Mod 2.5 where in which a Horzine scientist injects a Fleshpound with a syring the contents of which are a yellow liquid resembling the liquid form of steroids.
  • The Fleshpound of Killing Floor 1 spoke in a robotic tone (not unlike the Husk) for unknown reasons and occasionally spoke very robotic lines being "LEVEL OF AGGRESION: 11!" or "MERGING PROCESS: COMPLETE!" while normally having a very limited and almost childlike vocabulary.
  • The Fleshpound's nickname came from it's small vocabulary and its occasional use of the phrase (if you can call it that) "FLESH...POUND!"