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The bigger brother of the clot. Dont underestimate him!

Gorefast The Gorefast is a medium strong Zed. You can easily spot him by its red skin that looks like it was blood drained.

He is also a little faster AND stronger then the standard specimens, and has a quite fast attack with huge blade welded to his right arm.

all the Gorefast's attacks can be parried making it stumble

If a Gorefast comes to close to the player it will Charge forward moving a lot faster as it will unleash a rather damaging combo swings with its blade, be awear this can be parried as well making the Gorefast stumble

an easy way to beat a Gorefast is to shoot it before it gets to close or move away from it so it cant use it's Charging attack, and punish it if it's attacks are parried with a melee weapon


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