Holdout Mode is a mode exclusive to Killing Floor: Incursion (not to be confused with Holdout-Style Maps in Killing Floor 2). It was added to the game in on November 14th, 2017 along with the Hardcore Difficulty.

Mechanically, Holdout Mode is similar to Endless Mode from Killing Floor 2, as it pits the players against an endless amount of zeds. However, there are no breaks between waves as there is no Trader, and power-ups can be found around the map, similar to Killing Floor: Calamity.

Scrakes, Fleshpounds, and Husks which only appeared as Bosses in the Story Mode can appear as regular enemies in Holdout Mode.

Leaderboards track and compare the best scores from around the world. Consecutive headshots can award bonus points.

The mode can be played with one or two players. They begin the match with only a Knife and 9mm Pistol and must find other weapons around the map, including the Katana which is exclusive to Holdout Mode.


  • Berserker: All melee attacks do explosive damage and the player is invincible
  • Nuke: Kills all zeds currently on the map
  • Quad Damage: Players deal 4x damage with all weapons
  • Unlimited Ammo: No reload and reduced recoil
  • Vampire: Damage dealt to an enemy regenerates player health and can add armor
  • Zed Time: Triggers Zed Time but allows the player to move, shoot, and reload in real time