The hunting shotgun is a double barreled break-action shotgun and can deliver an extremely powerful blow to enemies at close quarters. The hunting shotgun can be purchased at shops for 750£, and is modeled after a Coach Gun, a shotgun used on trains in the Wild West era.

A Coach Gun, the gun the Hunting Shotgun is modeled after.


Being that it is a double barreled break-action shotgun, it only carries two rounds, and must be reloaded after every other shot. While it lacks the capacity of other shotguns, the advantage the Hunting Shotgun has is the ability to fire both barrels simultaneously, allowing for double the damage output. This makes bringing down very tough targets much easier, as a large amount of shot can be put out very quickly.

Using the Hunting Shotgun is useful because, if both barrels are used simultaneously, it can take out a Fleshpound in 2-3 well placed shots, and it can take out a Scrake with 1-2 well placed shots. Within Killing Floor 2, the hunting Shotgun (or "Double-barrel Boomstick" as it's called in that game) is also useful against Scrakes and Fleshpounds since the Hunting Shotgun has a blow-back feature, it allows the player to travel further away from the enemies, if they shoot mid-air, allowing the enemies to not hit the players, if the players time their shots right.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hunting Shotgun is modeled after the Coach gun.
  • In Killing Floor, the Hunting Shotgun can only be reloaded when both barrels have been shot. However, in Killing Floor 2, the Hunting Shotgun can be reloaded even when one shot has been fired.
  • In Killing Floor 2, the Hunting Shotgun allows the user to do a sort of "rocket jump" if the player looks down, jumps and then shoots whilst in mid-air.

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