The Husk1

The Husk with his mounted flamethrower.

The Husk is an enemy in Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 that starts spawning during the early rounds of a match. It fires a flammable ranged attack that pierces armor and deals continuous damage to those hit by it. The Husk also has a slightly weaker melee attack. While challenging at a distance and somewhat resistant to gunfire, the Husk is not as threatening as some of the more powerful enemies such as the Scrake and the Flesh Pound.

The Husk is often easy to spot due to it being bigger than the smaller weaker specimens.

in Killing Floor 2 the Husk has gotten a major upgrade giving it a self detonating attack where it blows itself up causing area effect damage, while also gaining a Flamethrower attack on Suicidal and Hell on Earth, where the Husk sprays the area in front of it with fire causing a major amount of damage as it can be devastating in close areas for the players, especially Berserkers.

Sharpshooters can kill it easily since it has a tank on its back that you can shoot then it will blow up.If the husk is focused on you the sharp shooter can use a freeze grenade go behind it and then blow it up.The explosion can also kill zeds around it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Husk's name comes from it's body being a "Husk, his insides being an inferno"

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