MountainPass Beta2 800x600

This seems like a lovely place doesnt it?


Mountain pass in reallife (outside of your welded doar, you know)

Mountain Pass

The map has a lot more open areas. It has a large forest in the middle of the map which you have to pass often to get to the trader after each round and you may get disorientated by its various heights and lots of trees.

This map is also one of the few maps that take place on daylight which gives the specimens a big disadvantage. On top of that it is a very large map with many open spaces (roads, parking spots) which makes it easy for the humans to spot them and get rid of the stronger enemies long before they are able to become a bigger threat.

Close ranged weapons arent really such a big advantage unless your camping in the woods all the time. It is reccommended as always to be very aware of your surroundings when doing this..

The reccommended option is to get long ranged weapons like the Lever action rifle, M14 EBR, crossbow or assault rifles.

Also, Explosives are a great choice because you dont have to be afraid of a LAW rocket that wont go of, or splash damage towards yourself because you will fire primarily at longer ranges where they will explode inside of multiple specimens heads.

In general, it is a decent map to level up your sharpshooter and explosive perks, but there still may be a lack of camping spots and weldable doors.

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