Name Mr. Foster
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Origin: British
Place of Birth: Chelmsford, Essex, UK
Occupation: Day Trader
Birth Sign: Dosh
Likes: Making money, exploiting the stupid
Dislikes: Poor people and anything cheap

Mr. Foster is a playable character in Killing Floor 2 and a returning character from Killing Floor.

His primary distinguishing feature is a white gas mask that covers his entire head. He is never seen with his mask off. By default, he wears a leather jacket. Also available to his character exlusively is the "LooseTie" cosmetic.

Character Description:

"Foster had wandered into day trading from a mediocre English private school education, with the classic 'you’ll never amount to anything, Foster' ringing in his ears from the school’s careers office. Not that Foster really cared. But, bizarrely, he found that day trading suited him. He started to generate large sums of money and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not that he would admit to enjoying a job, obviously. He also had a habit of verbally abusing authority figures. This led to Foster being seen as a clever, smart guy, with a sardonic sense of humor and great taste in clothes and cars. Or a jumped-up little tool. You decide."

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