Perks are classes in Killing Floor that allow players to have specific roles and capabilities that level up with specific tasks such as dealing damage with the perks specific weapon class and killing certain Zeds.

Killing Floor Perks Edit

The perks are:

Killing Floor 2 Perks Edit

Perks make a return in Killing Floor 2 along with the choice of 2 skills per 5 levels. The perks are as follows:

  • Berserker - Melee Tank with Night Vision and the inability to be held by Clots.
  • Commando - Assault Rifle expert with the ability to spot invisible enemies and see healthbars.
  • Demolitionist - Explosive weapons expert that can supply grenades and create door traps.
  • Field Medic - Healer with high survivability and can poison Zeds.
  • Firebug - Incendiary expert with crowd control capabilities.
  • Gunslinger - Pistol expert with high speed and accuracy
  • Sharpshooter - Sniper Rifle expert with high accuracy
  • Support - Shotgun and technician expert that has the ability to repair broken doors.
  • Survivalist - Jack of all Trades class
  • SWAT - SMG expert with heavy armor and crowd control capabilities.