Killing Floor Siren

A standard Siren.

The Siren is an enemy specimen in Killing Floor, believed to be the clone of Kevin Clamely's (Also known as The Patriarch) wife.

The Siren has two attacks:

  • Sonic Screams - Breaks glass, projectiles, and damages all players within a certain radius of the Siren. This attack ignores all armor.
  • Bite - Her arms are tied together on her chest, and is therefore not able to grasp the players. She will, however, bite the player. This attack does not pierce armor.

While trivial alone, the Siren can be a challenge when in a crowd of specimens in open areas, and can disperse groups of players that are close together. Her scream, if not interrupted, saps a large chunk of health away, and should be taken out before most other specimens.

Strategies to Defeat:

  • Like all other specimens, especially Clots, headshots are very effective. The most effective way to kill a Siren without her damaging a player is through headshot.
  • Sirens often hide in the back of groups of specimens, so using explosives can be handy to take out the horde along with the Siren behind it.
  • Do NOT go directly confronting a Siren! Her screams will kill you very fast the closer you are to her, instead, shoot her from a distance. Beserkers should take caution of this and not confront the Siren hand-to-hand.
  • If there are more than Sirens nearby, just run or use a spread damaging weapon to effectively defeat them.
  • If there are 2 sirens just use a shotgun and aim for the head to end them
  • If you are a berserker trying to kill a siren with a melee wait for it to stop screaming then it will be safe to hit it


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