A Standard Stalker.

Besides the Patriarch, the Stalker is the most difficult enemy to spot at a distance. She is not very tall, and will only expose herself if hit or close enough to hit the player.

The Stalker can be identified by the sounds she makes while approaching. It is also possible to see the static outline of her when she is approaching.

When listening for enemies, it is easy to confuse a Siren with a Stalker, as both of them make similar sounds when they are idle.

Strategies to Defeat:

  • Using spread damaging weapons makes killing Stalkers a walk in the park, for they can create damage in an AoE spread.
  • The closer Stalkers are to a player, the more visible. Shooting blankly never helps when trying to kill Stalkers, unless there is a horde of them chasing you.
  • Sometimes, Stalkers tend to hide in large groups of specimens, so use weapons like the Flamethrower or the Bile Thrower (DLC weapon) to kill them along with the other specimens.
  • A Commando has the ability to see cloaked Stalkers within a certain range, and with the Call Out perk the whole team can share the Commando's ability, making it much easier to put Stalkers down.
  • Sometimes the stalker will expose herself when she roars making her red giving you an easy kill.
  • If the stalker is about to hit you it will do a front flip then attack letting you get some hits to kill her.

Trivia Edit

  • The Stalker's skin absorbs light when uncloaked.


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