The Stalker is a common Specimen in all of the Killing Floor games. She is one of only two female enemies, the other being the Siren.

Stalkers posses the ability to cloak, only appearing to strike at players. After taking damage, they will cloak once more (0.35 seconds later if shot, a full second later if melee'd). If they are decapitated, they lose the ability to cloak entirely.

Commandos have the unique ability to see cloaked Stalkers. The range at which they can see them increases as they level. In Killing Floor 2, Commandos extend this detection to all of their allies so they can see them too.

Also in Killing Floor 2, they have a chance to have their spawn replaced by an E.D.A.R. instead. This chance varies per Difficulty:

  • Normal: 8%
  • Hard: 10%
  • Suicidal: 15%
  • Hell on Earth: 21%

In later versions of the original Killing Floor Mod, there was a friendly Stalker named Claire that became a playable character.


Created in a secret Horzine facility in the Wyre Forest, Stalkers are thought to be clones of Kevin Clamely's daughter, Rachel Clamely, much in the same way that male zeds are clones of his deceased son.

Within the Wyre Forest underground facility, they were experimented on and kept in rooms with ultraviolet lights so that they could be seen at all times by the scientists. However, they eventually broke out of their ultraviolet dormitory and ravaged the facility. Soon they became a prominent part of the Patriarch's army of zeds.

Within the Wyre Forest map, you can see the aftermath of their escape, along with Stalker corpses that flicker back and forth between being invisible and visible.

Killing Floor 2 Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Against:

  • Assault Rifles (+50% Damage)

Strong Against:

  • SMGs (-10% Damage)
  • Fire (-15% Damage)
  • Rifles (-15% Damage)
  • Explosives (-25% Damage)
  • Microwave (-80% Damage)


  • In the early versions of the original Killing Floor Mod, Stalkers could not cloak and instead were basically another form of Clot. The cloaking ability was originally intended for the never-released Shade enemy, but was ultimately given to the Stalker instead in version 2.0 of the mod.


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