Zed patriarch

The Patriarch on Killing Floor

The Patriarch (also known as the Patty by various community players) is the boss in Killing Floor. The Patriarch was a mad scientist CEO that founded Horzine named Kevin Clamely. He developed the Specimen for a super soldier program for Great Britain.

The Patriarch will appear in the last round. The Patriarch wears glasses, has tentacles sticking out of his body, and a tentacle sticking out of his chest.

His attacks consist of:

  • Melee: Using his right hand to hit. His hands are huge claws.
  • Bullets: On his left arm, he has a body-mounted Chaingun, which is easy to dodge by hiding behind a wall or a table.
  • Rockets: He will switch between the Chaingun and Rocket Launcher after every ranged attack he makes. He then says a line and fires a rocket. The rocket can wipe out an entire team if they are too close to each other, and it is suggested to not stay in groups.

Despite the Patriarch having a lot of health (depending on the Difficulty chosen), he is hard to stun. Using explosives, such as the M32, is a recommended way to deal with him. If playing on a higher difficulty such as Suicidal, it is NOT recommended to use close-ranged tactics such as the Berserker Perk

The Patriarch spawns with three stimpaks (two on easy), and will heal himself when stunned; once at 50% health, once at 25% health, and once at 10% health. When he is taking the third dose, it would be wise to break away from it and throw all your Grenades at him, or use other explosives. He is weak, and if using the Commando perk, it is easy to follow him to his healing location. Do note that he will not regain health at any point in time.

Probably the easiest way of killing him is to get one player to be chased by him and having a team with atleast 2 people healing the player and the rest shooting the Patriarch.

Killing Floor 2

Patriarch healthbar

The Patriarch's Boss healthbar in Killing Floor 2.