Toy Master is a free addon to Killing Floor on Steam. It adds a new mode called "Toy Master" to the game, and one new map (Devil's Dollhouse) to play that mode. You are able to carry over your Perks and unlocks into Toy Master mode.

In Toy Master mode, you face hordes of evil toys that are attempting to break open a box. On the Devil's Dollhouse map, only the "short" game length is available. You'll face two waves of toys in the first room, then another two waves in the second room, before finally reaching the last room and facing off against Jack.

The code suggests there was to be a second map with the filename of "TOY-Playhouse", but all the information on it is largely the same as "TOY-DevilsDollhouse" except it had six waves of enemies before the boss instead of only four.


  • Babyface
  • Ventriloquist Dummy
  • Knife-throwing Dummy / Green Dummy
  • Pinwheels


  • Jack