Zed is the general term used by Mercernaries and Survivors to call the zombie-like mutants that now infest Britain and the world.

History Edit

Zeds were originally a series of super-soldiers (with the exception of the Bloat variant) commisioned by the British Government to be developed by Horzine Biotech who were a friend of the Government, development of the Zeds was going well but the Government decided to cut funding and end the project.

CEO of Horzine, Kevin Clamely now known as The Patriarch officially agreed to the ending of the project but over the time he worked with the Zeds he created a psychotic love of the Zeds, seeing them as his children. Kevin Clamely's love for the Zeds led him to fund the project and get his employees to work on it independently in secret.

List of Zeds Edit

Types of Zeds Edit

Boss Zeds Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The term Zeds came from the British film Shaun of The Dead where the zombies are referred to as Zeds which could also be a play on the fashion on how Z is pronounced in Britain with another form being "Zee".

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