Zed is the general term used by Horzine mercernaries to call the super soldier clones made by Kevin Clamely who is now known as the Patriarch. Originally the clones were commisioned by the British Military to create super soldiers to fight in wars but ultimately the project was terminated as it was seen as too immoral, however Kevin Clamely continued working on the Zeds funding the project on his own. Most of the Zeds were clones of volunteers while some were clones of family members of Kevin Clamely such as the Stalker who is believed to be the clone of Rachael Clamely.

The work on the Zeds went well but eventually a mob protested outside Horzine's building and soon the Zeds broke out killing them all the police and military came but failed too the Zeds spread all across Britain and killed many leading to Britain being called the Killing Floor.

History Edit

List of Zeds Edit

Types of Zeds Edit

The Patriarch Edit

Main article: Patriarch

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